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Nanja Kolk

Nanja Kolk

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

Friedrich Nietzsche
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Nanja is an organisational psychologist, and wrote her PhD thesis on the validity of assessment methods: can we predict a manager’s success? (She concludes that it it’s not that easy.) She was trained as a team and executive coach at RINO and with Phoenix Opleidingen. As senior advisor and programme leader, Nanja focuses on the human dimension of change management processes.

Nanja’s preference for personal leadership is clear from her book, The Soft Stuff is Always Harder than the Hard Stuff. She has developed a five-day Personal Leadership Intensive which takes participants to a magical location high in the Andalusian mountains.


Nanja loves psychology as much as brainbreakers. She is at her best when she is allowed to meddle with everything.

Enlightened in less than 100 pages. Promise. Does your ego, or other people’s egos, stand in your way?
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