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Jeroen Drijver

Jeroen Drijver

Bringing heart, soul and nature into the business world.

- Giles Hutchins
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Jeroen is an associate partner at The Changery and holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology. He develops and guides experiential transformation journeys with a strong foundation in science. His inspiration comes from positive psychology, change management, potential-focused coaching, systemic work, as well as nature, art, and sports. As a former sustainability consultant, he bridges the gap between the self-awareness and context-awareness of contemporary leaders. He believes that the answers to today’s questions lie in transcending apparent contradictions through a renewed connection between the individual and society. His approach is innovative and unifying.

About Jeroen

Jeroen is curious and warm, but does not shy away from confrontation. He wakes you up to potential that is still ‘covered’ and helps you bring it to full bloom.