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Robin van Soolingen

Robin van Soolingen

Nothing is more revealing than movement

Martha Graham
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Kick Boxer, Karate champion, youth counselor, coach. Robin knows how boxing is an expression of what is happening inside. He once started practicing martial arts in order to stand up for himself as a little boy in the schoolyard. This eventually led to a successful career in top-level sport and he was the World Champion in Karate. His personal journey changed from “winning or losing” to “how do I connect with others”, from professional fighter to facilitating the personal development of children and adults. With his boxing gloves on Robin lets you experience who you are and what your strengths and capabilities are in an exciting and safe environment, because that is important to him. Your way of boxing reveils what your patterns are in feeling, thinking and acting in contact with others. You discover what blocks you and how you can break through the barriers. You learn to overcome fear and to make use of your tremendous resilience.

About Robin

Robin has an excellent sensor for how people connect and how they use their bodies. There are no words, the body tells the whole story.