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Team adventures

Team adventures

Our team adventures are unique. They offer an escape from seedy backrooms with post-it notes with three to five days in an entirely different world. A setting completely unlike the hectical maze of your everyday lives and work. You will be able to explore yourself, your team and the many leadership challenges you face from a new perspective. Team members will get to know each other at a far deeper level, which can sometimes be a bumpy road. Developing as a team calls for an awareness of yourself and your impact on others within your team and your organisation.


Beginning at the personal level, you will first learn to understand the dynamics between yourself and the other members of your team. You can apply this knowledge to create new impact within the organisation and among your clients and customers. The adventure not only introduces the basics of behavioural psychology, but is above all a far-reaching mental and emotional journey. You will learn about strength, impact and connection; you will learn about yourself, and what you must do in order to maximize your effectiveness as a leader and as a person. As you do so, you will also forge an extremely strong bond with your fellow (management) team members.

Programme components

• individual intake interviews with all team members
• close attention to team dynamics and personal leadership throughout
• time for leisure and local experiences
• digital detox: no mobiles or laptops allowed
• you will take three sealed letters with you: one from someone who is close to you at a personal level, one from a work contact or client, and one from a person who impresses you and whose opinions you value.


The destination is up to you. We can advise or surprise you with a destination that will stir your senses. Past team adventures have taken place in Kenya, South Africa, Spain and Morocco: we know these locations well and would be pleased to take you there. If your budget does not extend to international travel, we can also organize team adventures in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Please contact us for further information.