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My Nature

My Nature

Me, myself and I. That’s all I got in the end.

Beyoncé Knowles

We all have our existential questions, that have been with us for quite a while. Maybe during this time, they have come to the surface. Or, we have been so busy that we totally forgot about them. Questions that need our undivided attention….that can’t be addressed in a brief and simple way. If you don’t attend to them, they will start to call out to you louder and louder.

The answer is often patiently waiting for us in our unconscious mind. But it’s not easily reached: squabbling kids, demanding clients or other urgent matters keep us busy in the now.

Something for me?

This is not for people looking for a quick fix or a rational bypass. Nor for those who can’t read maps. But if you are prepared to get lost, to stay curious, and have the confidence to go on a hike by yourself, with your backpack, then this adventure is for you!

What adventure?

To attend to these existential questions, that need you to slow down, we offer a Corona-proof (contactless and self-organizing) process. You will go for a day long (or 24 hrs long “XL version) hiking trip in your favorite piece of nature and The Changery will come along in your back pack. We guide you in your process in our own typical way: under the skin, confronting and….. was that a loud laughing cutting the silence?
Like this we are very close while being apart.


Stillness and slowing down will help the digging work, all of it in nature. New insights will emerge about old patterns that seduce you to walk the same path every time. For once and for all put a close to old tales that no longer fit the person you have become. You gain insight in how these tales block you and how you can move around them. You will walk out of the forest with a lived through new intention, that will keep you on the right path in unruly daily life. A fundament to build on.


My Nature ingredients:
• Virtual intake with a Changery coach
• Assignments to prepare your trip
• Feedback letters
• A guiding package in your letterbox
• Audio guidance and podcasts
• Virtual outtake with a Changery coach
• In cooperation with Natuurmonumenten and Staatsbosbeheer we help you with hiking routes and places to spend the night (self-organizing: you choose your favorite destination)

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