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Online leadership program

distance… ≠ distant

Online leadership program

distance… ≠ distant

But can also get up close (and personal)

Because you’ll see how people live, with whom, and what is in their fridge. And if you watch closely and ask the right questions, you can see even more. Leadership is needed now more than ever. Leadership in consideration of the person behind that screen.


Online leadership program (in company)

Concise, intense, covering the human side of leadership in a changing time

Don’t think: “We can’t organize leadership programs under these circumstances”
Do think: “How can we support our leaders in a time no one of us has ever experienced?”


How it works:

  • Small groups of six people
  • Six online sessions, each one covers one of the six main topics of the psychology of change.
  • Six @home assignments with direct impact on your team
  • Stretching over a period of 12 weeks

Learn about yourself
To serve your team


6 concise modules of 4 hrs each

1. Ego, identity and defense mechanisms. The basic origins of who we (think we) are

  • Know yourself, with all your qualities and pitfalls
  • What is your identity and how did it originate?

2. The influence of our family system on our work system. Why we see our bosses as parents

  • Your position in your family system is of impact on how you cooperate
  • Loyalty – the unconscious loyalty you have for your parents and the way this impacts (work) relations
  • Transference and counter transference of leaders and co workers

3. Interpersonal dynamics. How our egos clash and melt together

  • Critical parents and aggrieved children
  • Sound and “poisonous” communication
  • Autonomy and equivalent interventions

4. Power and safety in organizations; how come we are all doer as well as victim?

  • Handling power and having no power
  • How to create safety, how to keep an open dialogue?
  • Taking your share in a conflict
  • Positioning yourself in a group

5. Diversity and inclusiveness; an antidote to preferring people like us

  • Creating a home for all members of the team
  • Recognizing and discussing unconscious bias in a group
  • Learning to be a mulitiple partisan

6. As a leader, being an instrument of change and having high impact, exactly as you are

  • Theory U – this is how change is done
  • How you can be an instrument for change
  • Making an impact in the specific corporate culture you work in

Structure of the modules

The modules consist of:

  • Preparation (podcast, reading material, film)
  • Session (theory, reflecting, sharing, practical usage)
  • Reflection (exercise or practical assignment, intervision)

The course is spread over a period of 12 weeks. Planning is done in consultation with the client.



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