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Impact starts with I and leads to We


Is this for me?

You are between 28 and 38. You have a particularly challenging job, which requires you to apply all your talents: intelligence, knowledge, creativity, a sense of humour and interpersonal skills. You must interact effectively with others in your team, your organization and your business setting.

But you have good and bad days. Sometimes you are snowed under by work. You feel pressure from your boss, your colleagues or your clients. You may start to question your own impact and effectiveness. Is my career making adequate progress? Do clients take me seriously? Can I cope with the pressure of the job? How do I maintain a good work-life balance, with time for my family, friends and relaxation? Even a marvellous job can be very demanding.

What are the benefits?

You will learn about yourself when you are at your best and at your worst. You will explore the beliefs and values you have developed since a very early age. You will learn how to maximize your impact by making a real connection, not only with others but also with yourself. This intensive programme introduces various basic principles of personal and behavioural psychology. More importantly, it is a far-reaching mental and emotional journey that you will undertake alongside nine other young leaders.


This programme is short but intensive. It begins with an intake interview with one of the coaches. This is our opportunity to get to know each other and to explore your development needs. This is followed by two sessions, each of two full days (with overnight accommodation). You will ask three people to write a letter: someone close to you on a personal level, your boss and someone else whose opinions you consider valuable. We will bring the letters, still in sealed envelopes, to the first two-day session. Between the sessions there will be an intervision meeting, in which you and your fellow participants can draw upon each other’s insights. You will also spend a day ‘shadowing’ another young leader in the group, observing how he or she performs at work and discussing your findings at the end of the day. The second two-day session is followed by an outtake interview in which we discuss the lessons learned and how you will apply them in practice.

Dates & coaches

The Young Leaders Intensive programme is held once a year. The next edition is scheduled for 16-17 October and 21-22 November 2018 . It will be led by Patricia Louridtz and Eric van der List. A kickboxing clinic will be given by Robin van Soolingen.


The cost of the programme is €4,600 (excl. btw), which includes:
• Intake and outtake interviews
• Two two-day training sessions that include various knowledge modules and challenges
• Two nights’ accommodation with meals and refreshments
• Course materials, activities and excursions
• Participation in an intervision meeting
• ‘A day in the life of…’ (shadowing a fellow participant at work)
• Kickboxing clinic (body-mind-heart interaction)
• TED talk clinic and a TED talk by each participant
• 3 feedback letters
• systemic working (family and organization)
• 1 personal leadership challenge