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Casper Droog

Casper Droog

Freedom is man's capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mould ourselves

Rollo May
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Casper is an associate with The Changery. His background is in Personality Psychology as well as Employment and Organisational Psychology. Casper began his career as an assessment psychologist and went on to gain extensive experience as a consultant and managing director of various organizational consultancy agencies.

Casper designs and implements management development programmes and HR professionalization programmes for the Changery. He is at home in many sectors, but has a particular affinity with social and non-profit organizations such those in healthcare and education. He offers sound advice on serious topics, with a clear desire to achieve the best possible results. But the twinkle in his eye shows that Casper does not always take himself too seriously.


Casper always strives to reach new heights. A keen kitesurfer and gymnast, he still regularly practices his somersaults and likes to secretly imagine himself a professional sportsman.