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Partner coaching


The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives
Esther Perel

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our relations. This holds for our partner relations, but also for our relations at work.

We often hear people say: “I like to separate business from my private life”. But, be honest; How can one do that? Will you leave a part of yourself at the door if you enter the office and collect it at the end of the day? We now know better than that. Whether at home or at work, you take your whole being with you. The more you try to leave parts of yourself outside, the more they determine your relations.

From time to time you can get entangled in nasty patterns or get overwhelmed with emotions and you can’t deal with them like you’d want. If that is the case, partner coaching can be an option. In partner coaching we are multi-sided factor, switching in seeing one side, without opposing the other.

• For you and your partner
• In a conflict at work


In partner coaching we help you to gain insight into the way you harm each other or loose each other. In the negative dynamics you can end up in. We can see it as a common enemy you seek to conquer. This is by definition an anxious and sometimes painful process, but also a great opportunity to make life together easier and more fun

We’re not after sugarcoating the facts. Sometimes too much has happened to restore the connection. If so, we can guide you through the process of separation.

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